Saturday, July 20, 2013


              She started selling items after making hair accessories for her daughter. Before selling her daughter loved to play "dress-up" and her family and friends were asking for hair accessories. Soon after it become more than a hobby for her and her daughter Kinsley. She hand makes and hand packages all her items along with her daughters help. She currently has over 250 hair accessories and photo props, she also adds new items all the time and restocks her most popular items.
She wanted to sell her items to get a little extra money into the household while showing the world her creative side. Her accessories make every little girl feel like a princess. This made one little hobby turn into a full time job. She has a very strict schedule so she can meet her deadlines on time. 

She said if she could add one more item to her store she would love to add clothing. Wouldn't that be cute to have matching clothing to go with the headbands.

You can find her on many different social media sites.
Find her here:
 - @poshlittletots or #poshlittletots
Make sure you check her out, you never know you might find something you love. 

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