Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tutu Gorgeous Girls

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           She's wanted to own her own business since she was a little girl. Her parents were both self- employed and were always there for her when she needed them. Rather it was a ride to school, or to sports class her parents were home and could bring her. Working from home for her was the best option for her. She wanted to be there for her kids as her parents were for her.
Her daughter is featured in a lot of her listings. It was always fun dressing her up and she enjoyed making tutus so that's how she decided to make tutu's. That's how she started on Etsy.

Her life outside of Etsy is very busy. She has 4 kids and the oldest one is moved out so she has 3 kids that need to be catered to sports and around town on the weekends. Her daughter definitely inspires her work for her store. Her daughter helps come up with designs and models some for the tutu's too. There are many mornings where her daughter shocks her with what she decides to wear for the day.

Since her store has grown so much in the past two years she has all items custom made and is now her full time job. Halloween is defiantly the busiest because everyone is dressing up. She has two part time employees that help her with the orders. Her older son and his friend, they help cut the tulling. LOL! Might be funny but she said without them she wouldn't be able to keep up with the orders. She really wants to make a new item that would sell as great as her peacock bustle item for halloween. 

I just so happened to come across the item before I started writing this.
This is one of her best sellers during halloween. You can find many beautiful tutu's at her store. Which is in the link above that's by her banner. You can also find her on Facebook.

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