Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Tots Cool Kids 2

Connie, owner of Hot Tots Cool Kids 2 stared joining Etsy in 2008 when the Ebay fees where too high t ohandle, and rules weren't fitting in together. Her store is completly custom made items like the one below.
Outside of Etsy Connie likes to have fun performing parties. Although I have to say, when does she have free time? Being a mom, a grandma and always coming up with new ideas. WOW!! Connies' grand kids love giving her insperation. They'll go through her scrap fabric bin and add sticky notes to them, and draw a dress design on it. Connie sews everyday & would love to add items on daily but, anyway her store has all custom made items. She can't add new items daily.

 Before Connie started selling on Etsy she had lost her job selling custom items. But once she started selling on Etsy the "job" started up again and now it's her "joy." Connie will sometimes get so many orders in a month that she cannot keep up with all the orders. And sometimes having to say no to customers. Which hurts her heart. But the one thing that gives her customer smiling ear to ear with her outfits.
I'm going to post just a few more items from her store. Hopefully you'll buy an item from her, or made even two. These dresses are great for birthday parties and pageants too. Like normal the link to the store is up above.

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