Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quillow Shop Featured Store

 The other day I happened to find a cute little shop called QuillowShop. No she doesn't sell quilllow's but she sells really cute light switch covers. I messaged her on July 4th and asked her a few easy question's, now I'm not going to tell you what kind of questions I asked her, I'm just going to write down what we were talking about. Now her name is Therese she's a grandma of twins, and they inspire her to make different items, that she might be adding to her store later.

These are so cute right? The nice thing about this is that they have saftey covers, so that those little hands won't get shocked.
Now Therese told me that she found out about Etsy on a nightly news, and didn't like buying on Ebay because of the high fee's. (Maybe that's why Ebay is on the lower end of online shopping) Therese has moved her studio a lot since the past year. She moved to Flordia in 2011 and then earlier this year she moved up to PA to help take care of her grandkids. The nice feature about this store is that she adds a least one new item a week, and has a huge selection of items. From light switches to Jewelry, I'm sure you'll find something that you'll love. In 3 years she has made 740 sales, that's around 246 sales a year. (almost one a day) I left a link at the top of this post, and I hope that you guys will check her out.

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