Friday, July 6, 2012

Alyssas Bowtique

Army wife of 3, use to sell hair bows to her husband co-workers. When her husband said that she should start selling on Etsy. She started her career started when, after having 2 boys and finally had a little girl named Alyssa. That is when the store name & bow making began. Heather, owner says every penny that she makes from her items, gos right into more bows. Each item that Heather makes she would only sell if she would have Alyssa wear it. Alyssa is a big part of her store. She tells mommy what she needs to make more of or what color headbands she needs. Here are some of her boutique hair bows.

Soooooooooooo cute right? I love how these are, the photo's are too cute too. I also have tried to make the spikes that you can see at the end. I know that it takes time and patience to make these. And being a mom of 3, she probably has to do this in her "free time".

She doesn't just make hair bows, she also makes headbands too! Want to take a look at the cute little headbands? I knew you would, why not just take a look at them.

She has some other bows called OTT, Stands for Over the Top bow. The one I have pictured below is pink on pink on pink. With a pink bow and a pink fluff on top.

She's one crafty lady, she also crochet's baby hat's too! She has beanies and also Hello Kitty hats too. The one I found from her store, was her chick hat. 

She also makes Hair Bows and puts in little "clay" sculptures. I found this one that I think many girls would like. It's from the new Disney movie Brave. Go on and check it out. 

Make sure you check out Alyssa's Bowtique. It's linked up above.

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