Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crocheted Baby Hats

M Roche Crochet
This college graduate has made almost 600 sales in just 2 years. She crochets baby hats, and would like to put her own child into one, when the time is right. Her name is Meredith and its owner of MRocheCrochet. You'll never have to worry about an item selling, and never see it again. Meredith renews her items, right when they sell. 

You could just imagine what the sales look like in the winter. She likes to spend time outdoors in her free time, but you can imagine that there is no free time during the winter. Her work is amazing, and how cute her hats look like. And the yarn above is very difficult to work with. She has hats and hat with diaper cover sets too. I'll have to show you some more. As I was looking around her store for some photo's I noticed that her store has very very reasonable prices.
This photo above is what I was talking about. Baby hat with diaper cover.
This rainbow sock monkey hat above, I believe I have featured this item before.
The last item I have is pretty time consuming I think, well way don't you just check it out for yourself. 

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