Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tiny Blossoms

    Working Chefs while making dollies and attending Craft Shows. Sonia is the owner of Tiny Blossoms. She makes wedding cake toppers and birthday cake toppers. With her daughters input in designs these cake toppers are absolutely adorable and will look great on any cake.

               She has these cute little clothespin dolls with painted faces and hair. They also have outfits and always have an awesome base that they stand on. The bases are white with cute little matching ribbon on the bottom.

She finds etsy easier to sell online then in craft stores. She gets 3 days off of work every week to catch up on orders.
Did I mention that she makes adorable cake toppers? She says that etsy is a nice place to sell things because people are looking for handmade items and the site is all handmade it
 You can also find her on facebook where she adds new toppers. Don't forget to check out her store too. You never know you might find something you love.
She also makes toppers for christening cakes too.

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