Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aunt Matildas Jewlery

Always being an artistic person and being a science teacher for 17 years is what made her want to open up a store. She raise 2 kids by herself and had a job with a steady income, insurance and a tiem off when they {her kids} were off. That's when she became a teacher. Last year her boss told her that she would be a reading teacher which inspired her to do more things. So she left her job as a teacher and went to follow her dreams. So she could show off her artistic side.

Her full time job now is working in jewelry. She does festivals and conventions in the Florida/Georgia area. 

Her son was the first one to introduce her to steampunk. He also designed her website. Her daughter is constantly giving her ideas and they both support their moms decision to start her own business.

She restocks her store after something sells and she also uploads 4-5 new pieces every week. So you'll find something you love for sure.

 She needed something to replace her income after she stopped being a teacher. She wanted to show her creative side somehow. She loves interacting with people at craft shows and loves their reaction to her items. She said it's just like seeing her kids face on Christmas morning.

She has two rooms in her house dedicated to her store. She has a room with her supplies and one with her finished items. I wish I had something like that. I just use my closet and a chest that my parents got me for my birthday. When one item sells she goes to her supplies room and makes a new item to put in her finished items room.

She's currently working in a metal class to expand her jewelry knowledge. She would love to make jewelry with a torch.

You can check her out at many social places. Her own personal website, which gives you updates on places she'll be and new items coming out. Her Facebook where you can see new items. You can follow her on twitter. Follow her on Pinterest.
She also has a second etsy store where she sells supplies.

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