Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Bella Boutique

Today the store I decided to feature is the baby bella boutique. Let me start off by the banner, I love the banner. It's perfect for her store, it's not to much and not too little. Her store has headbands, baby leggings, and baby shoes. Her two daughters love to model for mommy. She bribes the kids by giving them candy and toys, that's what I would do too. Maria (owner of store) restocks her store every single day, so if that item that you really want sells before you buy it, don't worry look for it tomorrow. Maria started to sell baby shoes because she wanted to glam up some shoes, and that's were the headbands pop in place, she told her self why not make headbands to match. Cute yeah? Well I would love to show you guys some photo's from her shops, which are my favorite, and I will also be pointing out the key things I love about that item.
Glamour baby shoes
The shoes above are the first thing that I saw when I got to her store. There just right for baby, not to over the top, but not understated. I love the little brouch that she put in the middle of the shoes. But my favorite would have to be the black fluff on the sides. I did add a link to the shoes in the caption.
cream and pink lace headband
This item kinda had me guessing on what it was at first. I saw the name and only saw cream and pink lace. I wasn't exactly sure what it was to start off with. All I saw was a beautiful background, which caught my attention really quick. (Then again anything can really catch my attention.) This item is perfect for photos. It has just the right lace with three different colored rosettes. Brown pink and white with a pink fluff on top. Oh how I love my fluff.
I guess what I'm going to do right now is post a few more pics and a link below for you guys
to check out. Hope you guys enjoyed today's little boutique. 

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