Sunday, September 16, 2012

Emmie Little Bow

First Blog post in a while sorry for the long wait guys.
Today's featured store is yet another bow store. The owner is mom of a little daughter, she used to buy her hair bows from other sellers on etsy. Then she noticed that she could very well do it herself. This is how her store began. Her store is mainly a made to order place, so there's always something up for your little girl. What made her want to sell hair bows is because her daughter needed something to wear and, that the finshed product is too cute. 

This store is very new to the etsy world. It's only been open since June and has made over 100 sales!!!!
Your probably wondering where the photo's of her too cute items, well I've done enough let me show you her adorable items.

Love how simple her banner is. It gives a hair bow place the nice simplicity that bows have.
This hot pink tuxedo bows are great for babies and go with every outfit your little girl has. 
These are really cute mini baby hair bows. Which also go with any outfit your girl owns.
All of these items plus more you can find at Emmie little bow.

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