Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tutorial on how to make a Contour Burp Cloth

                         How to make a contour burp cloth
I've been looking around on and I noticed that burp cloths are selling like crazy, and then I had a thought, "hey I could make those". So I looked around at other blogs and had no luck looking for what I wanted. So I made myself a pattern and I decided that I can share the process of making one. (There really easy to make) If you can't sew and want one you can see them in my store real soon. 

  • Flannel fabric, or terry cloth and cotton fabric. You won't need much
  • Dosew (tracing paper for fabric) or you can use easel paper like I did (this is for your pattern)
  • Batting (Optional)
  • Sewing essentials (sewing machine, scissors, thread, etc.)
                       Once you gather your supplies your going to have to make a pattern for your burp cloth. I free handed mine
This is my pattern, it's 18" long and it's 8 1/2" at the widest and 6 1/2" the thinnest. 

Once you get your pattern the way that you want it too, trace the pattern onto dusew or keep it on paper. Pin pattern and cut

Once you get 2 pieces cut out, pin wrong sides together(if using batting it goes fabric fabric batting)
My scrap piece
Once pinned use a 1/4" seam alowence don't forget to leave an opening
Clip corners before you turn over
once flipped press.
Open up the burp cloth using the opening that you have
To top stitch I used a pink that matches.
Once you've top stitched this is how it will look.

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