Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fairytale Jubilee

       You might recognize her items from Parenting Magazine or from Babiekins Magazine or maybe even the Anderson Cooper Show or Access Hollywood.Owner of Fairytale Jubilee and mom of 2 started opening her own etsy store when she closed down her gift shop and was expecting her second child. It was also a great way for her to get a little extra cash in considering her two sons are only 19 months apart. She has no girls which is surprising considering she has two sons and a husband. Her husband is a firefighter at the surrounding hospitals and loves her and their boys like the Bible says to. They love hiking, going to the movies and swimming. She also loves going to musicals with her girlfriends. Maybe that's where some of her inspiration comes from. Her 4 year old son Shep loves to help pin fabric together. My little cousin does
the same thing sometimes. She says that her sons love for whimsical and magical designs help her design new items. Selling on etsy was an easy pick, because she truly fell in love with the thought of having something that someone had handmade.The items that you see to the right and the left were featured on Access Hollywood. Just in case you guys thought it looked familiar. 

Now I was very curious to find out how she ships out her orders, she makes so many sales. So it's kinda a long process but she says it works for her, so I'm going to copy and paste what she says. I have an order board. Everyday I take my shipping labels (stick and peel type) and fill in the address of each buyer for the day. Then on the back I write the order in the center of the label. The top right hand corner has the date they need it by. The top left hand corner has the size, and the bottom right corner has the etsy username of the buyer. I then use a magnet to stick them on my magnetic order board for the week they will be scheduled to be made. That way I can look to my order board and see what's coming up. Once the orders are ready for that week, I take all of the labels down and stick them on the box of the item they belong with. I save the backs of the labels to enter into my computer after I return from the post office. I mark them shipped, and list the tracking number for the customer when I do so. I first started going to the post office because everyone needed their orders yesterday, and picking up at my house would delay by a day or so. I had no choice basically. This was so unbelievably hard at first because my children were so young. I'd arrive juggling 10 boxes, and two babies. There was nothing enjoyable about the experience then. Eventually, the boys got a little older and I grew to love everyone there so much that I just keep shipping this way.

She also makes things for boys too. This outfit reminds me of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
    When I saw this headband I didn't notice that there was a rabbit on it.

You might recognize these two items from Parenting Magazine, well both of these were featured. I love these items and the photography that was done to it in the magazine.

 Lalaloopsy inspired dress for you little one it's so full of tulle and fabric, what little girl wouldn't like this? This is just another picture of the first item shown, but on a bigger girl so you get a different look at it.

I love absolutely every item in her store, you're going to have to check it out yourself to see what else is in there. You never know you might find something you love.

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