Saturday, June 1, 2013


Bebe Culture
Ex-pastry chef to owner of Bebe Culture. Shawna has a clothing store on Etsy for children and babies. She's a mom of three and a wife. Her children's care-free lifestyle and imagination is what inspires her to do what she does.
This was the first item I ever saw of her's and I love it. It's great, I love the colors, the style, and the photo. This onesie dress is so cute.
Being a mom of three she still has a way to balance out work and kids. Her mom currently lives with her and helps her with some orders which is beyond amazing. She felt like opening up a store would be a good idea because she always wanted to show off he unique items that you couldn't find at your local clothing store.
Ok I get it I'm a sucker for babies. Maybe that's why I have my own store that sells baby items but, look at this little pumpkin. How cute is that? This photo is advertising the dress and headband with flower. I was going to post that but, this little girl just looked me in the eyes saying "you need me" so I put her up on here.
Of course every cute baby clothing boutique needs cute little hair accessories. Am I right? I love this pink feather headband.
I think she's really smart, she sets up a schedule of the hours she works through the day. I on the other hand just work when I feel like it. There will be days where my parents have to tell me to turn off the sewing machine and get to bed. Little did I know it was 11 and I had to get up early the next day.

That's all I have for today. Make sure you check out her store in the link above. I would also encourage you guys to click around, you never know you might find something you love, and just might buy it. You won't be sorry you made the purchase I promise. :)

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