Saturday, June 22, 2013


Anyway I've decided to mix up my featured stores, why not feature a knit store. This store is too cute and has knitted items. "Etsy is a great form of connecting with people all over the world" Says Stefanie from Yellow House Knits. She needed to find somewhere else to sell her sweaters after she ran out of people expecting.
      Okay before I get to far into Stefanies' story, as most of you guys know I LOVE babies and fall gaga over them. Well I ran into this cutie on her store. Her eyes just light up the photo and she looks too adorable in that sweater.

      Stefanie lives in the nations capital D.C, she knits all over the city. I found this so cool, her skills she can take to the streets, mine however won't work that way, how often do you see someone outside with their sewing machine and scissors? Her favorite places to knit are: Sculpture Garden at National Gallery of Art and a park looking out over the Potomac River.

She doesn't have any kids but her dog Arrow would love to help her knit. I'd totally buy a sweater that was knitted by a dog, that's one talented dog!

Another reason why she started to sell on the wonderful world of etsy is because the sweaters she knits don't fit her. LOL!!

How she keeps up with her orders, simple she knits ALL THE TIME. She knits at the movies, in the car (while she's not driving), on the phone, and even on vacation.

I don't even know this little girl but I love her and her photo. Plus that sweater that she's wearing is AMAZING. What a talented women she is (not the baby, Stefanie).

If you're looking for a new blog to follow, a new baby sweater or a new page to like on facebook she's your gale.

There is also a link to her etsy store up in her store name too.

Again I checked out her website and items and models are too cute. Make sure to check her out, you never know  you might find something you love. 


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature. Your blog is fabulous! I'd like to offer readers of your blog 15% off a Yellow House Knits sweater. Please use code MLT15 to take advantage of this offer.

    1. Thank you for letting me feature you. I laughed at the coupon code because that's almost like mine, except I have a 20 in mine.