Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Thanks to friends now Kendall sells her one for a kind items to the world. Now normally I only blog about kid items but, I feel in love with this store and I wanted to mix it up for once. She goes to many raves and festivals in her spare time. She'd love to grow her store so she can work as a full-time seller. What a great goal, I think she'd do well getting to that point, her items are unique.

See this is what I mean by unique, I see these in stores and at school but not on etsy. Plus I think hers are a lot cooler then the ones in the stores. This one looks so much more fun, it's bright,colorful,and furry.

 I also happen to love how she does her photos. She also decided to start an etsy shop because she noticed that she can make more items for people then just herself.

See like I said her photos are great. Her store is quite new so her orders aren't that hard to keep up with. Let's help support her goal by buying these cute and awesome items from her.
You can also find her on twitter, tumblr, and facebook. Or you can go to Canada too! Lol make sure you check out her store, and if you buy something from her let her know that I sent you to her.

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