Monday, June 17, 2013

Me and my store

       I'm going to do a little mini feature on my store. I want you guys to know a little bit more about me and my store. I'm going to start off by saying I'm a 15 year old high school student. I'm like most teens, I love listening to music, hanging out with friends, I text a lot and I go to school. But the one thing that makes me stand out is my store. I opened it almost 2 years ago and so to say my store is my baby. I spend all day on it and I'm always helping it grow. My cousin might be joining me by adding in her tutus.
This is me, I also live with my mom and dad and my sister and two brothers. I have quite a few cousins too. Most are younger than me and they inspire my designs and patterns that I use.

Not to long ago my family hosted an exchange student from Germany. We did it through my school and we had a great experience with her too. She was like a second sister to all of us. Well third sister for the boys.
This is what our family looked like after having yet another family member added into our crazy big family.

The next thing I'll share with you guys is ummm maybe some more information on me so that you guys know a little bit more about my interest so when you buy my items you know the kinda person that your buying from.
I love Christan pop/rock music, I also enjoy listening to Avril Lavigne. I know two complete opposite sides in music but it's what I enjoy. I don't do any sports and I don't own any pets either.
I live in the Grand Rapids area in Michigan and latley I've still had to wear a sweatshirt and jeans outside and it's mid-June. AGGHHHH. My favorite movie genre is anything really, I love chick flicks and musicals and romance movies. My favorite shows are anything reality tv wise, Breaking Amish, Project Runway, Next Food Network Star, 19 Kids and counting, Dance moms, and Pretty Wicked Moms.

Now I would love to show you guys some new items that I have added on to. I've been working like crazy this summer and can't wait to show you guys.
Lately I've been making some new items from my pattern book. I've made this awesome rocketship that my dad has fallen in love with and to be honest so have I.  This is great for playing with, traveling with or just decoration. It has a pocket in the front so your little one can store his favorite toys in it. The flames and fins are flannel. Well anything with blue and white stripe.
I've also been working on children messenger bags. These are great so they can hold a few of their items or, you can use it as a toddler messenger bag too. I have some for little boys too.

As always I'm always making new critter blankets. This one happens to be Willie the penguin, he's really fun and outgoing and you'll love him.

Now not many people know this but I'm kinda a My Little Pony fan and I've been looking for some pony fabric and I'm not having much luck. I'd love to have some so I can make some items, I feel like they'd sell very fast and would be child friendly fabric. I'm also looking for fabric from the movie Brave.

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