Saturday, June 15, 2013


She got her got her first sewing machine at 8 years of age. She's always been influenced by sewing,considering that her grandpa was a tailor and her grandma a seamstress. She started sewing in high school and started making clothes when her kids were born. She's now a grandma and makes clothes for granddaughter too. She started her own etsy store when she could walk into boutiques and say "I could make that."

Her best selling item is her take me home outfits.Her items are fun and cute and are one of a kind. Some of these things I've never seen before.
 I also happen to love her headbands that she sells, and as always I love her models. I wonder if one of them is her granddaughter? Her headbands are really cute too, they are elastic with flowers on them, simple but yet cute.

Her photography for her items is great too. I don't know if she uses a professional or not but, it sure looks like she does. Her photos are great, keep up the good work.
This was the first item that I've ever seen from her shop and that's what caught my eye. I think this is one of her top selling items, and I can see why.
She also has boy coming home items too. This one is a football onesie with a football hat.
You can check her out also on her very own website which is found here. I checked out her website and her items and site is AMAZING. And as always you can find her on Etsy.

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