Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Buttercup Boutique

           Her son was born in November 2010 and she started selling that next January so she could make enough money to stay home with her son. She was able to reach her goal by that summer and got to quit her day job. Her life revolves around etsy because it is now her full time job. She's also converted part of the house upstairs into a sewing studio.
Basically everything in her shop is made to order. She realized that people like their items customized and that's how she started selling her items so quick. December and January are her busiest months for orders. She'll stay up till 5am working on orders.
Her store has provided her with more income for her family. And provides her with more opportunities to be with her son while he grows up.
 Her items are so cute and the fabric is so fun. This happens to be her bobby cover case. Oh so cute and you can get it customized too.
These onesies are cute too. She has more than just this squirrel, she has owls, pumpkins,dresses, anchors, and dinosaurs. Make sure you check out this amazing store. She has a bunch of great items that I'm sure you'll love. 

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