Sunday, July 8, 2012

Klzart Baby Store

Kelly, a mom of Boy-Girl twins. Who will be turning 4 years of age next month (August), has always found it hard to find coordinating clothes for when her twins were babies. That's when she decided to start selling on Etsy. As she was setting up her store she put to realization that not everyone has twins. That's when she started making "single baby" items. On top of that she started to sell Christmas ornaments. Now Kelly, has made over 800 sales in 3 years!! Wow, she must be a busy lady. She told me that having a part-time job & talking care of the kids makes her a busy lady everyday. Even though she has those two jobs on her hand, she's still able to add new items quite a few times a month. Take a look at a few of her items.

Who's Who twinzees

These are so cute right? And must take a lot of time. Now I've never had to mention this, but Kelly has told me that since she started these items, some other Etsy store owners, will take her designs including some of her items and make themselves and sell them. Now that's not even fair, taking credit for something that you didn't even do. Anyway, Kelly lives in Columbus Ohio, and does craft shows & festival's all year round. So make sure you check out her store Klzart. Here are some more of her items.

I Love Mom (or Dad)

HO, HO, HO tripzees
Hopefully you've enjoyed what you've seen and heard. Make sure you check out her store in the link up above. 

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  1. thank you so very much for the lovely review/post olivia! i feel so honored, you are definitely an up-and-comer blogger i'm sure i'll read about you later as a huge success! thanks again,
    kelly z