Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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               A friend inspired her to sell on etsy, why? Because she made a a lion coat for her son and everyone commented on it and wanted one. Life outside of etsy is living with her self-employed husband and their 5 year old son.
They love spending time outdoors and, taking the train to Dallas to visit different museums.

Her son inspired her to design the lion coat. She thought it might be more fun to design the hood into something so he would keep his hood up in the winter.

She's always working on something new. She tries to add new items every month. A lot of her coats take up 60 hand cut pieces. The newest item she has ended is play crowns. She is right now working on some girl dresses for spring 2014.

She loves seeing children wearing her clothing and that's why she loves making what she does.

She has started sewing batches which has helped her keep up with her orders. She sews 10 to 15 coats of the same style then when it sells she can ship it out within two weeks.

She's been working on a robot coat for ages and wants to sell it if it works out right.

You moms getting jealous? Your kids get cool coats and not you. She makes women's coats too!!!!
You can find her on Facebook,twitter and pinterest. Make sure you check her out because you never know, you might find something  you love.

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