Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snuggle Bug Baby Boutique

She was impressed by my store, and I was impressed by hers. Nicole Herlihy store is the place to go when you want cute baby onesies. When her children started Kindergarten that's when she started her etsy shop. She loved being home with them and spending endless hours playing and enjoying them. When they started school she had much more time to have fun with all the crafty ideas in her head. She never dreamed that my passion for creating would have ever lead her to open up a shop. Sometimes she feels like she needs to be pinched because it feels like a dream. She saw etsy as a creative outlet to selling. Her children inspire her daily for ideas on her store. The reason why shes a stay at home mom is because of her kids, their hearts and minds. She offers kindness to all her customers. Most of her items are made-to-order, so you will always find what you need and get it on time. Don't worry, you'll always find something new, she tries adding new designs every month.

How she keeps up with all these items? She says all you need is to laugh every once in a while.

She also sews while her kids are at school and when they're in bed. Also with the support of her husband shes able to keep up with her store sales. She's taught him how to serge so he helps with some of the items. Now that's a real man right there for you.
Her tip? Make sure you stock up on items and supplies. Also make sure your balance and be grateful for the opportunity.

Now that you know a little about Nicole and her store I hope you check out her store, and you check out her fb page.

She has initialed onesies and shirts. Matching skirts to go with them. She also has custom onesie dresses, and monthly onesies with skirts attached.
All her items are adorable and to die for. Make sure you check out her store click around and get to know her.

 The picture on the right is for the flower bow clip.
I also love the models in her store

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