Monday, May 20, 2013

Charile and Mills

Charlie and mills
                          Tonight I just so happened to fall upon this adorable store on etsy. Here name is Tiffany, she's a stay at home mom with two kids. She makes Onesie dresses and they are to DIE for. She first started sewing them when her daughter was born. Her friends loved them and so she decided to start selling them. She has two kids Charile and Millie who, inspire her work and gave her store the name. She started sewing again when she became pregnant with her daughter Millie.She hasn't even been up for a year and has already made over 370 sales!!! All her items are made to order so she always has a stocked store.
 This dress I just feel in love with. Now to keep up with all her orders she stays up late to work on her orders. Good thing she has small kids that are in bed early.

What I love is you can get the onesies in tank top,short sleeve and long sleeve. This onesie on the right makes me ready for the summer. Oh and that's another reason why I love her store. Everything is so colorful and bright. You can also get suspenders, shirts and pants.
She never really had the idea to sell her items but, her friends said that she should try opening a store and look where it has gotten her? Her store is so amazing and I hope you guys check her out.

Make sure you click on the link in her store name and check out what else she has to offer.

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