Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New to Etsy Part 2

We left off talking about your store listings, now we are going to talk about store appearance.
The first thing you should know is that you need to have a shop banner, this is very important considering it almost "brands" your items. I switch mine out from holiday to holiday. The next thing you need to know is your Shop Sections.
Shop sections break down your store, so if your buyer is looking for a certain item they will be able to see what they want without having to scroll through pages.
<------Tells you how many items you have in your store
<------This tells you what is in it and how many items are in it
These are very helpful tools to your store and the buyer. 

The shop info is key to buyers, it gives your buyer the inside scoop on your store. It has everything your store needs to know.
<-----This tells your buyers when your store first opened up
<-----I will get the "about" page later
<-----This will tell your customers about items,shipping, and returning
<-----I don't know what this does,mine doesn't load
<-----Customers can fill in a custom order
<-----How many sales you've made total
<-----How many people like your store

Now that you know what the different things on the Shop Info mean I'll talk to you about the "about" page. This is pretty new and not many stores have theirs filled out. I feel like this helps your potential buyers to get to know you better, and they know exactly where their items are coming from.
 All you simply have to do is right a short paragraph or two about you and then your buyers can learn about you.

Now I'm going to show you how to get to know your top tool bar
The part we're going to work on the most is where it says Your Shop:Your Shop Name. Now my computer has been acting up lately so my etsy has been all messed up. So my screen will look different than yours.

Shop Stats is the next thing that will be covered and they are very important to your store. These tell you hour by hour how many views your store has and how many favorites they have gotten. This is important because you don't know if what you were doing to promote is working or not. The blue lines are for you shop views and the purple are for your listings. To figure out what is bringing in your traffic that's where the next picture comes from.

 Traffic Sources are important because now you know what sites are getting viewers to your store. You might be someone like me who has several promoting sites and you want to know if it's worth it or not. The picture to the right of the traffic sources is telling you where people on etsy are finding you. The other thing that I love about the traffic sources is that it tells you how many views each site/resource is taking in. Now the other thing that the Traffic Source does is that it tells you what keywords get searched for your store.
This is helpful because it will tell you if your keywords are working or not, they also tell you what site they're coming from. As you can see the first and last section of words were both from google and the rest were from etsy.
Now you probably want to know what items are being viewed. That's were the Pages Viewed page comes in handy. The first thing that will always show up is your shop and then the listing will show up after it. This will come in handy because you can compare your views of the items to what isn't getting viewed and if your keywords are helping your items.
Last one for this page is the Listing Favorites. This is the same concept but, it shows you favorites, and your store doesn't show up on this one, only the listings.
Next thing you should get to know is your Shop Info and Appearance toolbar.
This next section will help you with getting customers to know more about you and your items without having to do much research on your store.

The first thing you will see is your store name, shop title, and shop banner image. Make sure you make a banner for your store, this will look very nice when people "walk-in" to your store. Remember your store is like one of those stores in the mall, you will get passed, you will get new comers, and you will get repeated customers. Along with the shop banner you might want to start a facebook and twitter for your store. If you already have one you can link it right to your etsy so your customers can follow you through those sites too.
The next thing you will need to fill out the Shop Announcement, again very important because this will tell people what's new in your store, what's coming up, coupon codes, events and turn around dates. The last thing you will have to fill out for your store on this page is the message to buyers.
With this when someone buys an item this will get sent to them, this is nice for customers because you can put exclusive coupon codes on there, tell them what's coming up and events that might be happening.
That is all I'd like to share to you guys for this section. The next thing we will talk about is the "About","Policies",and the "Options" page.

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