Saturday, May 25, 2013

New to Etsy Part 3

We left off talking about shop stats and took a break to feature a few stores.
Today I'd like to show you how to set up the right policies. I was able to work on this and get advice from one of my buyers. You need to make sure that your polices are clear so that your buyers know what's in store for them. They need to know about;shipping,payment,and exchanges.
                 I've been looking at other stores and found some great examples for you guys, make sure your that with your policies you stick with them. The first store I ran across was the PinkElephantBowtique. I looked up her policies and this is what I found for shipping
*PLEASE NOTE:* Please be sure that your Paypal and Etsy shipping addresses match. If there is a conflict between the two addresses, I will ship to the address listed with Etsy, as oftentimes customers forget to update their address on file with Paypal. However I cannot be held responsible for addresses that have not been updated or are otherwise incorrect, so please verify this information before completing your purchase. Thank you
Notice how she tells you what you need for her to be able to get your package to you? Also what address she will ship it to if they don't match? And how she's not responsible for any mix up in addresses? As a seller you need to make sure you let your customers know what your responsible for and what your not.

Then I ran into the Freshsqueezedbaby;
Most shipments, other than party sets, are made via First Class Mail to keep your shipping costs to a minimum. Party sets (including hat, tie and diaper cover) are shipped via Priority Mail. If you prefer a different shipping method, please convo us prior to purchase so we may set up a custom listing for you with revised expedited shipping costs.
In this one she tells you what class shipment she uses. This is also important because your customers want to know when their items will get to them.

The next store I ran into was CutenSassyCreations;
Refunds are not given unless I did not do my part to complete your order correctly or in time. Exchanges are welcome however the cost of reshipping will be paid by you. For an additional charge, insurance can be purchased should any loss or damage take place while shipping as I am not responsible for any damage or lost items during shipping.
For refunds she tells you that yes you can exchange your item but,you do have to pay to reship the item. 

The last store I ran into was CREATIONbySabine;
All Custom Orders are being taken care of as quickly as possible. I will be happy to go out of my way to satisfy your needs.

All of my handmade pieces are created by hand, so no two items are identical. That’s the beauty of the product! Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the pictures, especially for custom orders. Thank you.
She separates her additional Policies into two different sections. She tells you about her Custom Order and her Handmade Creations. This is just something nice for your customers to know.

I hope this helped out a little bit, make sure your policies make sense and will help your customers out when they're questioning things. Also make sure you check out this stores to see some of their items. 

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