Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Items to MendingLifeTogether

 Yes I've added new items and can't wait to show you guys. I've been working like crazy to make new items and take photos. I've also been working on some new patterns, and working with new fabric textiles too.

To the left is the new pattern I've been working on. It's a kid messenger bag or it can be used as a toddler diaper bag. The fabric I used has a bunch of different robots on it. It's cute an simple and cost only $25. Want 20% off? Use coupon code MLTB20 at checkout. There is also a matching tag blanket you can get to go with it. 
The other item I have been working on for a while are Toddler Fashion Scarves. I've only made a few because of the fact that spring is fast approaching. I have three different scarves at the minute and they only cost $8. Again you can use the coupon code for 20% off.
I started making Crayon Rolls out of Flannel too. I know it's kinda strange to use that kind of material to use for crayon rolls, but they still turn out cute. This one also has a matching Tag Blanket. Now normally if the kid uses a crayon roll they don't use a tag blanket, but they're still really cute. Sorry Tech Decks don't come with the item.
 I also started making Crayon Roll Bags, for those always coloring on the go. I make these for girls mainly because they are made more of like a purse type of pattern, but I would be more than happy to make one for your little boy.
As always I'm still making Car Seat Strap Covers. Here are my newest ones, they are a princess ones. These seem to be getting lots of views lately and wanted to show you guys.
 Now I just want to show you guys some items, some you might have seen and some might be new, I will post a link to all my social networks that you can get to and all the items above too.

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