Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Items in the Past Month

New items are here for you guys to see and a special discount for you too.

This little item has to be my favorite item for boys by far. It's a little robot messenger bag, this can be used as a toddler diaper bag,messenger bag,or whatever pleases you. This bag also has a flap to cover up those items that you don't want seen.

Think the bag is adorable but don't have a little boy to give it too? Don't worry your little girl can have one for herself too. Here's the once upon a princess bag. This bag also comes with a flap to keep everything inside.

The photo above is of the Princess Tiana Crayon Tote Bag. This bag has a crayon holder in the front so that you can hold crayons without having to buy a roll-up for it. It can also hold up to a coloring book.

This next item is by far my favorite critter blanket of all times. It's Elijah the Lion Critter Blanket. Now when you buy a critter blanket each animal comes with their own story. Now all they need is a home

This next item of mine I have had a fun time making. They're onesie dresses. It's simply a skirt sewn onto a onesie so your little girl can have to comfort of a onesie while looking like a princess. This one is the Flowers and Petals Onesie Dress. I also have two more of these, one more is on my store and one is just waiting to get up. If you would like one of these please let me know, I can get one for your little girl with the correct size.

This next item no one has seen before, you guys are the first. It's a fabric tutu, I don't know how well these will go over so I want to hear from you guys first. Let me know if you guys like these or think that these won't hit the market very well.
If you're looking for a summer skirt for your little girl look no further than this Snow Leopard Twirl Skirt. This skirt is fun and playful and is great for the summer.

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