Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Presley Rose Pretties

Tiffany sells on Facebook and local craft shows. Here customers started to ask her why she doesn't open up her own etsy shop. That's when Presley Rose Pretties was born. Inspired by her daughter named Presley Rose who's at the age of two made this all possible. She restocks her store all the time, and is always coming up with new items. When she was expecting she would start to buy all these baby headbands. One day she was looking for a certain headband and couldn't find it anywhere. That's when she decided that she could start to make them herself. Too keep up with her order's she makes them up when Presley is napping. Now time for photo's.
Curly feathered headband

Pink Chiffon Floral Headband
Christmas Cookie peasant dress

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