Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November goals

Since I last posted about my goals, it was around August. I have reached some of my goals since. I reached my 50 items goal before the end of August. I'm almost at my 100 goal. I'm at a huge total of 83 items. Now for sales. Those also went up too. I've made 8 more sales since August. I have two custom listings up which by the way is getting lots of views, and is off to a great start. Now the videos on the other hand have not gone as well as I thought. My itunes does not like my ipod very much,so the video is not working very well. I'm now going to start some new goals that I hopefully well hit soon. 

  • First goal: Make at least 5 more baby blankets
  • Make 10 more sales (24) by February
  •  Have 200 people favorite my store
  • Have 100 items in my store by December 
Stripes and polka dots car seat straps
  •  Have at least 5 more followers for my blog 
Birds and flowers messenger bag
custom changing pads
Blue Melodies baby blanket
Elijah the lion critter blanket

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