Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My new goals

 So my goals for the end of the year on my etsy. Is to sell at least 8 more sales by Christmas, and to make it into the craft show that I entered into. I also hope that I will have lots of followers on here too. I would also like to do some more videos to put up on youtube and do more of my mini item features too. Some tutorials would be nice to include too. Don't you think? Now I can't just leave this post looking like this with now photo's right? Well let me add some photo's of items that you can buy through my facebook as of right now. I'm also now letting anyone do custom orders. I'll put up a listing or two for custom orders.
butterfly tag blanket $8

critter dog baby blanket $25
As you can see I have added new items up to my store and I'm really close to my 50 items by the end of August. I also want to have 100 by the month of December. Like they said 100 is the "magic" number on Etsy. I also added my first custom listing and It's gotten some good reviews since I've added it. Make sure you comment if you have any questions.

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