Friday, August 24, 2012

Bankie Babe Featured Store

Katey's Friend has inspired her to sell on etsy. Katey makes organic baby blankets for new babies entering the world. Katey's two kids keep her busy on her feet and have inspired her work. What's nice about her store is that there's always something "in stock". Her store is custom made. These organic blankets are unique and are great for selling on her store because they're one of a kind and not something that you can find in any other etsy store. What Katey has noticed is that having an "at home" business is that she gets to spend time with her kids, while making money. Onto the photo's and comments.

These blankets are just amazing they have so much detail. And really are one of a kind. 
I love this blanket look at all this detail. The branch's and the leaves. The owls are amazing with the eyes and the beaks. And this fabric is so like "out of this world" you can't find this stuff anywhere. My favorite owl is the big one with the blue and all the numbers. And they're bordered with a satin border.

This next one I love too. I find this more of a baby girl blanket. with the momma elephant and the baby elephant. With matching little hearts. And you can't see it but it's bordered with a white satin. How cute. Now you can see why these are custom made, you can pick your fabric.
Now you can tell why Katey is up early before the kids are up. And then up late once the kids are in bed.

What's really cool is that she's still "new" to the etsy store. Her store is only about 2 years old. She opened up in February 2010. Which is so smart because winter is just getting over and they're light weight and very soft to touch. These blankets also come in all different sizes too which is great, so you don't have to just stick with a 60"x60" blanket.
What's so cool about this one is yes the border is smaller and the elephant is by itself but, right under the elephant is a name, it say's Teddy. Which if I'm right is hand stitched.

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