Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Featured Store

Today's featured store that I found today is so adorable. The store is ran by a lady named Julie, and she has 6 month old twin's. No wonder why her store has all baby items. Plus I love the name of her store, it's called NerdyBaby how cute is that? I just so happened to be looking for pictures to a Etsy treasury that I was making, and came across her store. She's also a pretty new store, she opened it up in April. Has 24 items and has already made 63 sales!!!! That's 21 sales a month, that amazing for a new store. Her main item that she sells is something called a Bandana Bib? Their pretty new to the baby world. The one thing I love about them is that they have such a cool shape to them. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Well that's ok I'll just have to show you one of her adorable bibs then.
Now I chose this one because it's pretty gender neutral, but that's not the point. She also has crinkle blankets, which is great because I'm thinking of selling them, and finally found a store that's also selling them too. Cool ah?? Now I saw this a lot but, I don't know how she does it. Especially because she has TWO six month old twins at home. Now I'm just going to post a few more items below. Feel free to check out her store, comment below or give your opinion on her shop. (make sure to make them positive). Thanks for checking her out, I hope you enjoyed today's featured store.
my favorite bandana bib
baby lovey tag blanket


  1. Thanks, Olivia! How nice of you to feature me :) I've been very lucky in that my store took off pretty quickly! You're right though--it's been a double-edged sword since I also have 2 babies to take care of! Ha! They are actually almost 8 months old now, but still a handful (or two). I can only sew each night after they go to bed, but it's a nice way to wind down and relax. I love finding new fabric--that's probably my favorite part about sewing! Thanks again and you should try a crinkle blanket--babies LOVE them...but they aren't really that fun to sew, which is why I haven't had much of a chance to add more to my shop. Haha.

    1. Just someone came across this comment and I actually just started selling crinkle blankets not to long ago. You're right they're not the easiest to sew but practice makes perfect