Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okiddo banner Today's featured store
Baby Taggy Dummy Blanket in Fuchsia, Aqua and White
Taggie blanket

Baby onesie - Reserved
Baby onesie
I've decided I haven't been really true to myself when I say yes I'll feature your store, or yes I'll do this so your views ge
t higher and you make more sales, well today all that is going to change. I'm going to stick to what I said, I'll feature more stores and make new treasuries with new open store with items I like. Today I have found a lady from my etsy teams that would like to be featured. Her name is Ellen and she has a really cute kid store called oKiddo. She lives in New Zealand and has three kids. One of the many good things about oKiddo is that you can buy pieces separately or in bundles which make nice for presents for newborns to toddlers. Her store contains 89 beautiful items, from gift baskets all the way to things for mom. Her most popular item is the baby taggy dummy blanket. Their not your regular type of tag blankets. They have a really cool shape to them. They look like this. The photo in the right upper corner. You can also get some really cute and afforable clothing too!!! She has really cute onesies for just $10.00. So make sure you check out here store. I will attach a link so you can visit her store, and hopefully she will get some views. (She did give me permission to feature her items)

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