Friday, December 28, 2012

Grandmas Little Lily

            Now today's feature is a little different then normal. Normally I feature stores that sell something to relate with babies, or toddlers. This store is for the ladies. If you're into key fobs, couponing or anything out of the blue. This is for you.


This key fob is so cute.  Now I'm not an expert with fabric branders. But I'm pretty sure that this is Micheal Miller fabric. I love how this owl is placed on this key fob. How cute is this? Now just to let you people on a budget know, this key fob only cost $4.25.               

So speaking of those on a budget. On the right of this is a regular size coupon organizer. I love the colors to this. They read sophisticated. I will now just post a link to her store, and explain some of her items and what they will be good for. 

Ever went to the grocery store, and forget what you were going to buy? Or every sent your husband out to go get you something and he gets you the wrong thing? Well not any more. Here you have the Honey Do list.

This Wallet is so cool. The color and the fabric is so colorful and fun. I love how many cards you can keep in it and the zippered pouch for money.

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