Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gabrielle's Creations

Gabrielles Creations
First featured store in a long time. Sorry guys for not getting to you guys sooner for I have been so busy with the holidays and babysitting and helping my cousin move into her new house that I haven't had time to start looking around for a new store to blog about. A few weeks ago I was looking through one of my etsy teams, and came across Gabby. I love'd her items and just had to show all you guys her wonderful creations. It's a jewelry store. Now normally selling jewelry on etsy can be risky because they're so many jewelry stores on etsy. Her creations aren't like any others. Let my get to the point, here are some photo's of her items and then I will introduce you to her. 
Gabby is a 23 year old lady living within Greece. What started her to start selling on etsy was that she would make jewelry for herself and as birthday/Christmas gifts. Pretty soon people started telling her that she should start selling stuff online so that people outside of Greece can buy some of her lovely items. Restocking her store isn't that big of a deal because every time she sell an item she restocks her store with it. So don't worry about not getting that really awesome ring you want for your friends birthday. Outside of selling on etsy she likes to get inspiration from other things that she sees. As you can see she has very many various items, from hamburger rings to packman and his monster friends. You're sure to find something that you love. I happen to love her Nutella ring that I will have posted under this text. A link to her store can be found under her store banner which is located at the top of the screen. She has also gave me links to her various social networking sites, which I will also be posting on her too.

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